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Mum of 18-yr-old dead girl says doctors to blame

Girl died after misdiagnosed tooth infection spread to lungs

11 February, 19:27
Mum of 18-yr-old dead girl says doctors to blame (ANSA) - Palermo, February 11 - The mother of 18-year-old Gaetana Priola, who died Sunday after an infection spread from a tooth abscess to her lungs, said Tuesday that doctors at three different hospitals misdiagnosed her daughter's condition, failing to save her life.

Nunzia Lauricella, who works as a cleaning lady to support her four kids after being abandoned by their father, denied initial reports that Priola's tooth abscess was left untreated because she couldn't afford to go to the dentist.

"My daughter lacked for nothing," the grieving mother told reporters. Priola, who was first hospitalized January 19, died three weeks later of what hospital sources said was "pulmonary septic shock," after seeking treatment three times.

Each time, says Lauricella, doctors downplayed her condition, saying she had nothing serious and recommending a shot of Voltaren, a common painkiller.

But the infection destroyed her trachea and then her lungs, killing her in three weeks.

"My daughter was clearly suffering, her face was swollen and none of the doctors who saw her grasped how serious her situation was", Lauricella said.

"I want justice".