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Cutrì convicted of minor charge after prison break

Lifer escaped in prison-van raid in which brother was kill

11 February, 13:12
Cutrì convicted of minor charge after prison break (ANSA) - Milan, February 11 - A court near Milan on Tuesday sentenced a man already serving life for murder to two years and five months for possession of stolen goods after a dramatic break from captivity last week.

Domenico Cutrì, 32, had been due to appear for trial in Gallarate on February 3 but was freed prior to the hearing during an attack on a prison van in which his brother was killed.

Italy's carabinieri police subsequently arrested him on Sunday. He was serving a life sentence at Gallarate prison for the 2006 murder of a Polish man who bothered his girlfriend.

In their February 11 verdict the judges found Cutrì guilty of using a Gallarate food shop as a cover for buying and reselling various products and issuing over-drawn cheques and false accounting documents. They also ordered him to pay a 1,000 euro fine. An accomplice was also sentenced to two years and five months and the shop owner to one year and 10 months.

Cutri', from Inveruno near Milan, was convicted on appeal in December 2012 of planning the murder of Luckasz Kobrzeniecki, shot to death outside his house at Trecate near Novara on June 15, 2006.

Cutri' drove the car from which Manuel Martelli, 32, from Trecarte, shot Kobrzeniecki.

Martelli got 16 years and four months in an unappealable fast-track trial.

A bar owner in Trecate, Luca Greco, also from Inveruno, got three years for aiding and abetting.