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'Digital divide' separates Italians from EU

Internet and broadband access on par with Bulgaria and Greece

11 February, 15:38
'Digital divide' separates Italians from EU (ANSA) - Rome, February 11 - Roughly 55% of Italians aged six and over use Internet compared to a European average of 70%, the national statistics institute said in a report published Tuesday. This puts Italy on a par with Bulgaria, Greece and Portugal, Istat said. Sweden, Luxembourg and Holland instead registered use levels of 90% and over.

The figures - contained in Istat's Noi Italia statistical report - relate to 2012. In the same year 55% of families had a broadband internet connection giving high-speed access to the Web.

This compared to a European average of 73% and to a level of penetration in excess of 81% in Sweden, Britain, Denmark, Finland, Holland and Germany.

The southern Italian regions of Calabria and Campania had the lowest level of Internet access and broadband diffusion, while the autonomous province of Bolzano and Veneto in the north had the highest.