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Italian police blacklist 1,641 pedophile sites in 2013

Almost all abroad, Polposta says

10 February, 14:48
Italian police blacklist 1,641 pedophile sites in 2013 (ANSA) - Rome, February 10 - Italy's postal and communications police in 2013 censored and blacklisted 1,641 pedophile pornography sites, the police said Monday.

A total of 28,063 such sites have been identified by the Polposta postal police.

"They all have servers abroad," said Polposta chief Antonio Apruzzese. "There are few in Italy. When we find them, we seize and shut them down," Apruzzese said.

The division of Polposta that patrols the Internet in 2013 arrested 55 people, filed charges against 344, and made 430 seizures. "We are finding that very often the adults on the Web pretend to be minors to strike up contact with adolescents," Apruzzese told journalists on the eve of Safer Internet Day, which is promoted by the European Commission for the safety of young people on the Web.

"The web is something new and revolutionary. It is a world in which we are in. We must find rules of usage," Apruzzese added.

"It gives young people the sensation of being able to talk to the world without being seen. But they have to understand that it is not always possible to hide, that foolishness done on the Internet becomes global," said Apruzzese.