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Industrial production in Italy down 3% in 2013

Istat says figure slumped 0.9% in Dec after Nov rise of 1.5%

10 February, 12:21
Industrial production in Italy down 3% in 2013 (ANSA) - Rome, February 10 - Industrial production in 2013 fell 3% compared to 2012, the Italian statistics agency Istat reported on Monday. Industrial production contracted 0.7% in December compared to 12 months earlier.

In November, the figure rose 1.5% over the same month the previous year, boosting results for the fourth quarter and fueling hopes, along with other indicators, that economic recovery in recession-plagued Italy had finally taken hold.

Industrial production rose 0.7% in the fourth quarter compared to the third, but slumped back 0.9% in December compared to November, Istat said.