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Four migrant traffickers arrested after recent landings

41 since 'Mare Nostrum' operation began

10 February, 19:15
Four migrant traffickers arrested after recent landings (ANSA) - Rome, February 10 - As part of February 5 rescue operations for nine boats carrying migrants towards Italy, four people have been identified as human traffickers and arrested.

They stand accused of taking 1,123 migrants from Libya to Italy on rafts in poor condition, report the Armed Forces. The migrants were taken ashore by Italian navy ships. The number of alleged traffickers arrested as part of the Mare Nostrum Operation has thus risen to 41. The search-and-rescue operation for migrants at sea was launched by the Italian government in October last year after several rafts carrying migrants shipwrecked off the country's coasts, resulting in roughly 400 deaths. The operation includes amphibious ships, unmanned drones and helicopters with infrared equipment.