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Costa Concordia wreck to be inspected after diver's death

Disaster cost 32 lives in 2012

10 February, 19:28
Costa Concordia wreck to be inspected after diver's death (ANSA) - Genoa, February 10 - An Italian police diving team will be returning to the wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise liner after a diver lost his life there on February 1.

The team is expected to begin carrying out an inspection on Thursday at a depth of over 20 meters.

The Spanish diver Israel Franco Moreno, 42, was working for the firm Titan Micoperi and died while assisting with the salvage operation of the Costa Concordia, which killed 32 people when it crashed on rocks and sank in January 2012 off the Tuscan coast near Grossetto.

Hundreds were injured in the shipwreck and since the disaster, efforts have been made to refloat the stricken liner so it can be towed away for salvage after it was set upright in September.

An investigation is continuing but it is believed that Moreno, while trying to attack floatation tanks to the Concordia wreck, cut his leg and bled to death, despite efforts by his diving partner to get him to the surface and waiting paramedics.

Moreno was airlifted to hospital but died of his wound and complications that resulted.