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Sollecito calls murder trial 'Amanda-centric'

Tells ANSA never properly heard in Kercher case

07 February, 14:14
Sollecito calls murder trial 'Amanda-centric' (ANSA) - Bari, February 7 - Raffaele Sollecito, who last week received a 25-year-sentence in a Florence appeals court for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher, told ANSA Friday he had been sidelined in the case as the ex-boyfriend of co-defendant Amanda Knox. Knox, who is living in the United States, was given 28 years for the same Perugia murder. The appeals-level verdict was the fourth ruling on the case and it is now expected to go to the Italian supreme court.

"I have never been heard. It has always been an Amanda-centric trial. No one has ever said anything about me.

Only that I was Amanda's boyfriend," Sollecito told ANSA by telephone from his home in Bisceglie, on the southern Adriatic coast of Italy.

"I have never been heard with a lawyer. In police headquarters (in November 2007) I was without a lawyer. I was alone in front of I don't know how many police officers. It seems to me that more than 20 put down their signatures. "They became very crude, and they put me in a particularly stressful situation.

"I was arrested for having a small utility knife in my pocket, which I carried around out of habit. "They hypothesized that it was the crime weapon, but in fact, both for the form and for the fact that I never thought of offending anybody with that tool, they have never found anything that is possibly compatible with the accusatory hypothesis (regarding) that knife".

"Not only (did my own) expert witness detect inconsistencies and carelessness in the forensic investigations of police, but also the Appeals Court expert witness said my defence was completely in the right," Sollecito said, adding that he was now talking as much as possible to the press to address the "injustice done" to him. "I have no life plans. Right now I live day to day. I decide each day what there is to do. I am about to get a specialized university degree, but I will decide what to do one step at a time".