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Italian 'among candidates for senior Bank of England job'

Riechlin may become next vice-governor, says The Times

07 February, 20:05
Italian 'among candidates for senior Bank of England job' (ANSA) - London, February 7 - An Italian economist is amongst a group of potential candidates currently being considered for the post of deputy governor of the Bank of England, according to a report in The Times. Lucrezia Riechlin, an economics professor at the London Business School, was also head of research at the European Central Bank between 2005 and 2008. Riechlin reportedly has all the right qualifications for the job, given her academic background and senior management experience in a central bank. The newspaper cited the current Bank of England chief's intention to lower the average ago of the central bank's top management. In addition, it said Canadian Mark Carney also wished to dilute the old gentleman's club atmosphere in the body by appointing females to top management roles.