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Court upholds raped nun's visitation rights with child

Baby given up for adoption, nun has second thoughts

07 February, 17:49
Court upholds raped nun's visitation rights with child (ANSA) - Rome, February 7 - Italy's supreme court on Friday awarded a nun raped by a priest the right to visit the daughter she gave up for adoption. The Cassation Court ruled that the 43-year-old from Congo should be allowed to have a relationship with her child, who is in the custody of a religious institution.

Her adoption process had been pending the result of the trial, sparked by the mother changing her mind to give her up entirely. The nun had refused to recognize the child as her own after giving birth in February 2011 in her desire to continue serving as a nun at the 'Petites Soeurs de Nazareth' order in Pesaro. She made her vows in 1996, after which she was sent off to study at the Pontifical Urbaniana University. Her rapist was also from Congo.