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Brother of escaped lifer captured

Other brother died during breakout in northern Italy

07 February, 16:26
Brother of escaped lifer captured (ANSA) - Varese, February 7 - Police in northern Italy have captured Daniele Cutrì, who together with a brother helped organize the escape of a third sibling, Domenico, who was serving a life sentence for murder.

The convict managed to escape when a group of three assailants attacked a transport van he was being moved in. Domenico Cutrì was serving a life sentence for the murder of a Polish man in 2006 because he had allegedly bothered his girlfriend. A third brother, Antonino, was injured in the shootout when the prison van Domenico was travelling in was attacked. He later died from the injuries after he had been left by the other assailants with his mother, who took him to hospital in a stolen car. It was unclear whether any of the guards were injured in the attack.