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'No clash' between UN, Vatican over sex-abuse report

Body wants 'positive dialogue' with Holy See says Lombardi

07 February, 11:48
'No clash' between UN, Vatican over sex-abuse report (ANSA) - Vatican City, February 7 - There is "no clash" between the Vatican and the United Nations Committee for the Rights of the Child after this week's scathing report on child sex-abuse and cover-ups, Vatican Spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said Friday. The UN wanted "positive dialogue" with the Holy See after a report the Vatican branded prejudiced, he said.

The report excoriated the Vatican for not addressing decades of abuse more robustly and asked the Holy See to count the number of children priests had fathered.

The Vatican said the Committee had taken a prejudicial stance and not recognised the efforts made over the last decade.

It also accused the Committee of trying to dictate Church stances on issues that had nothing to do with child abuse, like abortion and contraception.