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Report says 114 killed in hit and run accidents in 2013

Elderly and children most often victims

06 February, 17:27
Report says 114 killed in hit and run accidents in 2013 (ANSA) - Forli, February 6 - Fully 114 people were killed and 1,168 injured in hit-and-run cases reported on Italian roads in 2013, with alcohol and drugs blamed in 20% of cases, according to statistics released on Thursday.

The elderly and children were most often victims in these cases, where just over 44% of culprits have still not been caught, according to figures compiled by Asaps, an organization that supports Italy's highway police.

The group said that the number of cases involving alcohol or drug use by motorists has likely been under-reported, because of the time lag between an accident and when police eventually find the driver, giving the culprit time to sober up.

Pedestrians were most likely to be the victims in a hit-and-run case, followed by cyclists.

The incidents most often occurred in Lombardy, accounting for almost 16% of the crimes, following by the Veneto with almost 9%, then Lazio and Tuscany.

The city of Rome reported 30 serious hit and run accidents last year, about 3.1% of the total, the statistics showed.

In most cases, the drivers were men between age 18 and 44 while 44 cases (about 8.1% of the total) involved cars that were not insured.