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Pope urges young people to avoid 'low-cost' offers of world

Francis issues World Youth Day message in advance

06 February, 13:33
Pope urges young people to avoid 'low-cost' offers of world (ANSA) - Vatican City, February 6 - Today's youth must try to resist "low-cost" happiness found in over-consumption and turn instead to the example set in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, Pope Francis said Thursday.

In an early release of his message for World Youth Day, scheduled for Palm Sunday on April 13, Francis focused on its theme taken from the Beatitudes, a set of teachings of Jesus that begin: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven". In his message, the Pope urges young people to use the "revolutionary" power of the Beatitudes in the Bible as the central point of reference in their lives. "Jesus challenges us, young friends, to take seriously his approach to life and to decide which path is right for us and leads to true joy," said the pope. "This is the great challenge of faith…If you too are able to say 'yes' to Jesus, your lives will become both meaningful and fruitful".

The pope urged young people to "reject the 'low cost' offers of the world.

"It is a tragic thing to see a young person who 'has everything', but is weary and weak," he said.