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Pope's Latin Twitter flock over 200,000

'Est incomprehensibilis' says Times of London

06 February, 18:40
Pope's Latin Twitter flock over 200,000 (ANSA) - London, February 6 - Pope Francis' more than 200,000 Twitter followers in Latin are making international headlines. "Est incomprehensibilis," said the Times of London Thursday in the article 'Papa Franciscus tweets ad infinitum'.

"This is twice as many as follow his Arabic tweets and more than read the Polish and German ones".

His legions of followers on the social media platform are mostly university and high-school Latin students, Vatican Latinist Father Daniel Gallagher told the daily. "The Pope's tweets in Latin are as beautiful a success as they were unexpected," according to the Vatican's news website a year after the first tweet from a pope, Benedict XVI. According to Gallagher, the challenge with his successor Francis is translating his off-the-cuff language into Latin, which remains the official language of the Vatican, the Times reported.