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Letta should go on says Renzi

Govt has 'constant faith' of PD

06 February, 17:14
Letta should go on says Renzi (see previous).

(ANSA) - Rome, February 6 - The government led by the Democratic Party (PD)'s Enrico Letta should go on and has the PD's "constant faith", party leader Matteo Renzi said Thursday, denying tensions with the premier.

Renzi claimed credit for accelerating electoral reform via a deal with ex-premier and centre-right leader Silvio Berlusconi, saying this was not a problem for the government and should not spur a reshuffle.

"The PD is giving the country a hand," the Florence mayor told party bigwigs.

Issues including a possible reshuffle to bring Renzi loyalists into government should be discussed "with our cards on the table," he said.

There has been talk of a reshuffle since Berlusconi lost his Senate seat on a tax-fraud conviction after failing to bring Letta down and sparking a split that led to the creation of the small New Centre Right.

The talk intensified after Renzi won a landslide victory in PD primaries and started to up pressure on the government to deliver on reform pledges. Renzi said the electoral reform plan, which includes turning the Senate into a regional body so an election winner only needs the confidence of the House, "has the support of the main parties" and would go forward in parliament from February 15.