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Fourth man arrested in lifer van escape

Another Neapolitan stopped in Domenico Cutrì probe

06 February, 14:29
Fourth man arrested in lifer van escape (see previous).

(ANSA) - Milan, February 6 - A fourth man was arrested in Naples Thursday in connection with an attack on a prison van north of Milan Monday that sprang a man serving life for murder.

The 31-year-old, who was not named, was taken into custody outside a cemetery in Portici, a Naples suburb,where he had been visiting his grandfather's tomb.

Police said the Neapolitan, who had a criminal record, had been living near Milan like the three arrested earlier in the day for the assault that freed Domenico Cutrì.

An investigation is proceeding in the Naples area, police said.

Italian media suggested the four may have had links to the Naples-based Camorra mafia but police did not confirm this.

Cutrì, whose brother was killed in a shoot-out between guards and the gang, had previously been reported to have links to the mafia in his native Calabria, 'Ndrangheta, but there has been no confirmation of this either.

Cutrì was serving life for ordering the murder of a Polish man for pestering his girlfriend.

'Ndrangheta, Italy's richest mafia, has a stronger presence in Lombardy, the region around Milan, than the Camorra.

Domenico Cutrì, 32, was convicted on appeal in December 2012 of planning the murder of Luckasz Kobrzeniecki, shot to death outside his house in Trecate on June 15, 2006.

The gunman, Manuel Martelli, got 16 years and four months in an unappealable fast-track trial.

The inmate's 30-year-old brother, Antonino, died of his wounds in hospital after being hit by prison guards in the shoot-out near Gallarate, while two prison guards were injured in the attack.

A nationwide manhunt is still on for Domenico Cutri', who was serving a life sentence.