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Chinese import-export business destroyed in fire

Police suspect arson

06 February, 14:36
Chinese import-export business destroyed in fire (ANSA) - Florence, February 6 - Police on Thursday were investigating a fire that broke out in a warehouse occupied by a Chinese import-export company, destroying the contents and causing serious structural damage.

No-one was reported to have been hurt in the blaze, which started around 3:00 AM local time.

Firefighters found cannisters containing inflammable liquid on the site, leading to speculation that the fire was started deliberately.

The owner of the company, which imports suitcases and luggage trolleys from China for sale in Italy and Europe, had reportedly not received threats and told police he had no idea why anyone should want to target his business.

Firefighters battled throughout the morning to bring the flames under control amid concerns over the stability of the two-storey building after part of the roof collapsed.

The warehouse, located in Osmannoro, an industrial area in the province of Florence, is occupied by a total of seven Chinese companies. In December a Chinese garment factory in the nearby city of Prato caught fire overnight, killing seven Chinese workers.