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Vatican sources say UN report on children went too far

Comments on moral issues 'beyond the call of duty'

05 February, 18:34
Vatican sources say UN report on children went too far (see related) (ANSA) - Vatican City, February 5 - A United Nations report condemning the Catholic Church's handling of a worldwide sexual abuse scandal went too far, exceeding its mandate by commenting on issues of sexual morality, Vatican sources told ANSA on Wednesday. The committee on the Rights of the Child denounced the Vatican's behavior in allegedly hiding decades of sexual abuse of tens of thousands of children by clergymen and urged the Church to make a full disclosure of its records so that culprits and "those who concealed their crimes" could face justice.

In its wide-ranging and scathing report, the UN committee also reviewed other practices of the Holy See that touch on the lives of children, including several deep-rooted policies on controversial topics from abortion to homosexuality.

The UN committee suggested the Vatican speak out against laws that discriminate against gays who may have children that could be hurt by the homophobia against their parents.

It also suggested that the Church reconsider its stand against abortion in cases where the mother's life is at risk if she gives birth.

With such comments, the committee "exceeded the limits of its area of expertise," unnamed Vatican sources said.

"The protection of children is one thing," but comments on morality go too far, the sources said.

"They went very far beyond the call of duty".