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Salvini calls for president's resignation over euro

Northern League leader calls currency 'criminal coin'

05 February, 15:22
Salvini calls for president's resignation over euro (ANSA) - Strasbourg, February 5 - The head of Italy's anti-immigrant and eurosceptic Northern League Matteo Salvini on Wednesday confirmed his party's call for Italian President Giorgio Napolitano to resign despite shaking hands with the head of State.

"From a personal point of view, no hard feelings. But from a political point of view we are on different planets," Salvini said.

But "whoever continues to defend the indefensible - this Europe and this euro - cannot represent Italian citizens," Salvini declared.

"The problem is whoever continues to defend a Europe that is massacring us, and a euro that is a criminal coin. Courtesy and politeness are one thing. The fact that this Europe is killing our future is another," Salvini added.

Napolitano called for the end of austerity in the EU in a keynote address at the European Parliament on Tuesday, while stressing that there was no turning back on the process of European integration.

The head of State was greeted in Strasbourg with a protest by League MEPs, who slammed Napolitano for defending the European single currency, saying it had "destroyed" jobs and wages.

The League, led by Salvini, waved banners saying "no euro" and "euro kills" during Napolitano's address.