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Man near Bari lights self on fire over break-up

Locks self in car in front of ex's workplace

05 February, 17:38
Man near Bari lights self on fire over break-up (ANSA) - Toritto, February 5 - A 40-year-old man in a southern Italian town committed suicide by lighting himself on fire in his car in front of his ex-girlfriend’s workplace on Wednesday.

The man went to find his ex at her job located on a downtown street of Toritto, a town in the periphery of Bari. The two spoke for a while, and after saying goodbye, the man got in his car, locked the doors, poured out flammable liquid and lit it on fire.

As flames enveloped the man, passersby attempted unsuccessfully to save him.

The man was charred by the time firefighters reached him from the nearby town of Altamura. Carabinieri paramilitary police are investigating.