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Camillo, the dog who took the bus on his own, has died

12-year-old free spirit had become Sanremo mascot

05 February, 16:51
Camillo, the dog who took the bus on his own, has died (ANSA) - Sanremo, February 5 - The beloved 12-year-old mascot of the seaside town of Sanremo in northwestern Italy has died, its owners said Wednesday on their dog's Facebook page.

A mixed-breed, medium-sized, short-haired brown dog with a greying muzzle, Camillo was known and loved all over town and even in adjacent ones, because he often took the bus on his own and always crossed the street on the crosswalk.

"He's a free spirit," owner Roberta Mulattieri, whose store sells typical local products, told a reporter in an interview in September.

"He's got his favorite watering holes. We heard he usually goes down to the port to have lunch at one".

Roberta and her mother Lina, Camillo's co-owner, once placed a sign around his neck that said "Please don't feed me, I have to do a blood test". That day, their store filled with people asking for news of Camillo's health.