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Rome mayor says torrential rain cost hundreds of millions

Capital needs structural works, says Marino

04 February, 12:21
Rome mayor says torrential rain cost hundreds of millions (ANSA) - Rome, February 4 - Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino said Tuesday that a wave of storms and torrential rain that hit the capital Friday and continued until Monday had caused hundreds of millions of euros in damages.

Many homes have suffered irrepairable damage after flooding, Marino said, especially in the Prima Porta district, where the water forced some locals to take to their rooftops Friday.

One major road has been partially closed due to a mudslide and large potholes have appeared in many streets.

"We calculate that the damage and the need for structural interventions amount to millions of euros," said Marino, who is at the helm of an already cash-strapped administration. "We'll have to intervene in the Prima Porta area, where new water infrastructure will probably have to be installed.

"That's in addition to the urgent works on the road surfaces".