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Journalist with Down syndrome interns for Vatican Radio

Young Irishman meets the pope during two-week stint

04 February, 18:52
Journalist with Down syndrome interns for Vatican Radio (ANSA) - Vatican City, February 4 - A young Irish man has become the first person ever with Down Syndrome to do a brief internship as a journalist with Vatican Radio. Michael Gannon spent January 13 to January 24 at the English desk of the broadcaster. "It was an important experience for us," said Sean Patrick Lovett, head of the English-language programs. "It forced us to see reality from a different perspective.

We had to adapt to Michael's rhythms and experience things through his eyes, not taking anything for granted and rediscovering the wonder of small things, our life and our daily work - things that we often don't notice amid the hectic pace of everyday life".

At one point during his internship, Gannon was received by Pope Francis, who listened to his work experience. The young man had been a guest of Vatican Radio as part of the European project Think Different, Think Europe in May 2013. The project fosters political participation and is led by the Italian Association for People with Down Syndrome (AIPD). One of the events included interviews with guests suffering from Down syndrome. During the interview with Gannon, he had asked to work for a period in the radio.