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Illegal rubbish dump found in Palermo, four suspected

Waste buried above aquifer used to supply farmland with water

04 February, 15:33
Illegal rubbish dump found in Palermo, four suspected (ANSA) - Palermo, February 4 - Police on Tuesday took precautionary measures against four people in relation to the creation of an illegal rubbish dump in Palermo. Two of the suspects, Salvatore Ribaudo, 53, and his son Claudio, 25, were detained. A third, Francesco Ginex, 46, was placed under house arrest while the fourth, Veronica Ribaudo, 29, was banned from staying in the area. The suspects are accused of the illegal management, storage and unregulated disposal of hazardous and ordinary waste, including mercury, asbestos and a horse carcass. The rubbish was buried above an aquifer used to supply water to nearby farmland. Company assets worth a million euros were also sequestered in the operation.