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House Speaker says 7 mn suffer 'employment hardship'

Many have simply given up trying to find a job says Boldrini

04 February, 19:01
House Speaker says 7 mn suffer 'employment hardship' (ANSA) - Rome, February 4 - House Speaker Laura Bolrdini said on Tuesday that some seven million Italians were suffering from 'employment hardship', in that they were either unemployed or had given up even trying to look for a job. The figures were from a document issued by the labor committee.

Boldrini underscored that there was a significant difference between the north and central regions of the country and the southern regions, calling the situation "worrisome". She noted that youth unemployment is especially high in the country, close to 42%. Overall unemployment is 12.7%, according to national statistics agency Istat. The Speaker said the number of those who no longer bother to even look for a job "is higher than that of the unemployed".