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Eurosceptic EP win wouldn't hit Italian politics, says pres.

Napolitano discredits Northern League's 'marginal' protests

04 February, 15:55
Eurosceptic EP win wouldn't hit Italian politics, says pres. (see related) (ANSA) - Strasbourg, February 4 - The Italian president on Tuesday said if Italian eurosceptic parties win big at European Parliament elections in May, the fallout would not effect politics at home. "(It wouldn't have) any impact on the national balance of power," said Giorgio Napolitano after his keynote address to the European Parliament Tuesday.

Eurosceptic parties from across Europe are expected to win record numbers at elections. Some nationalist movements have taken the step of reaching out to like-minded groups in other countries in an effort to reduce the power and scope of the European Union.

One such party is Italy's anti-immigrant Northern League, which has forged ties with France's far-right National Front. On Tuesday Northern League MEPs contested Napolitano during his keynote address, waving banners saying "no euro" and "euro kills".

Napolitano discredited their impact. "They're absolutely marginal and modest, traditional protests from the League," he said.