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Dolomites remain on maximum avalanche alert

Snow continues to pound high altitudes

04 February, 18:30
Dolomites remain on maximum avalanche alert (ANSA) - Venice, February 4 - The danger of avalanches in the northern Veneto mountains remained at the highest level on Tuesday as the bad weather affecting all of Italy continued to bring heavy snowfall to the region.

Thick snow was reported at all altitudes and there was widespread instability, the civil protection department said in its level-5 alert.

The risk was particularly high above 1,300-1,500 m, with the possibility of major avalanches that could reach the valley bottom. On Wednesday the situation is expected to remain unchanged in the Dolomite region while the risk will drop to level 4 in the pre-Alps. On Thursday the danger is set to be at level 4 throughout the region.