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Chinese garment factories seized in Prato

Hazards similar to what sparked deadly December blaze

04 February, 14:26
Chinese garment factories seized in Prato (ANSA) - Prato, February 4 - Police have seized two clothing factories for dangerous work and lodging conditions in Prato, the Tuscan city where seven Chinese garment workers died in an overnight fire as they slept this past December. Both businesses in the latest instance are Chinese-operated. Police found eight Chinese citizens working in "precarious conditions" with regard to hygiene and safety at the first factory, ranging from makeshift dormitory walls made of recycled wood and drywall. Some 11 Chinese citizens were identified at the second garment factory. Police said they were using a gas-powered stove that was dangerously close to machinery. A similar hazard was found to be responsible for the deadly fire in December. The Chinese owners of both factories are to be charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigration and for overseeing an unsafe work environment.