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Twelve-year-old schoolboy dies on day after his birthday

Keels over at school, dies of still-unknown causes in hospital

03 February, 18:22
Twelve-year-old schoolboy dies on day after his birthday (ANSA) - Turin, February 3 - A 12-year-old Catholic schoolboy died after falling fatally ill during recess on Monday, the day after his birthday.

A teacher gave the stricken child CPR until an ambulance came, school sources said. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died after doctors failed to resuscitate him.

''He was right in the middle of his classmates and teachers, sharing candy to celebrate his birthday, which was yesterday. Everyone immediately rushed to his aid. He was absolutely fine until that moment'', said principal Enrico Stasi. The boy's classmates were in shock and were allowed to go home early, he added.

The child suffered from no apparent illness. The hospital will conduct an autopsy to find out the cause of death.