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5-Star Movement MPs blast sexist attacks on House speaker

After calls for her to be gang-raped spark outcry

03 February, 15:56
5-Star Movement MPs blast sexist attacks on House speaker (ANSA) - Rome, February 3 - Five MPs from the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) on Monday distanced themselves from recent virulently sexist attacks on Lower House Speaker Laura Boldrini posted on movement leader Beppe Grillo's blog, which included calls for her to be gang-raped by minorities.

''We firmly stigmatize every form of violence and aggression, both verbal and physical'', MPs Lorenzo Battista, Laura Bignami, Monica Casaletto and Luis Alberto Orellana said in a statement.

''I feel I should apologize to Boldrini because writing such things evokes scenarios I don't like at all,'' MP Tommaso Currò told a local radio station.

''These are clearly methodological issues. We are absolutely right on the issues'', he added.

Another M5S official, Senate spokesman Claudio Messora, issued a tepid apology for a tweet that added fuel to the fire.

''Dear Laura, relax...even if we were all potential rapists, you're in no danger at all!'' Messora tweeted Sunday.

''I did not mean to offend Laura Boldrini. If it happened because of one of my jokes, I'm sorry. Now let's get back to business'', Messora tweeted Monday.