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Letta says his cabinet ministers stand behind Napolitano

Premier denounces M5S 'provocation' in attacks on president

31 January, 15:33
Letta says his cabinet ministers stand behind Napolitano (ANSA) - Rome, January 31 - Italy's cabinet ministers stand in solidarity with President Giorgio Napolitano against the "provocation" of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), Premier Enrico Letta said Friday.

Napolitano has been under fire all week from the M5S, led by firebrand comedian Beppe Grillo, which has been demanding the president's impeachment.

"The council of ministers expresses strong support and solidarity with the president of the Republic," said Letta following a meeting of his cabinet.

Letta said the M5S cries for impeachment are "deeply wrong and outside the rules," as well as a "provocation".

The anti-government, Internet-based M5S movement has launched impeachment procedures against Napolitano for allegedly failing in his role as independent arbiter of the political process in Italy and favoring the established parties.