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Italian State takes 170 days to pay bills

Confartiginato reports Italy for violations to EC

31 January, 17:47
Italian State takes 170 days to pay bills (ANSA) - Rome, January 31 - The Italian public body took an average of 170 days to pay its bills in 2013, making Italy's civil service the slowest in the European Union, Italian artisans association Confartigianato said on Friday.

The Italian public administration was more than twice as slow as those of most other EU countries, which averaged of 61 days.

The Italian public administration's debts toward the private sector also lead the EU at 4% of the gross domestic product.

Confartigianato President Giorgio Merletti on Friday formally reported the Italian public administration to the European Commission for non-compliance, delivering a dossier to EC Vice-President Antonio Tajani in Rome. A law decree passed in late 2012 set a legal limit of 30 days for bill-paying both the public and private sectors - in accordance with an EC directive - but makes an exception of 60 days in some cases for the public administration. The law has been in force since January 1, 2013. "We are asking for the intervention of the European Commission and the Italian government because late payments are a noose around the neck of the entrepreneurs, they stifle the ability to compete, and undermine opportunities for boosting economic development for our country," said Merletti.

photo: Antonio Tajani