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More chaos in parliament with scuffle in commission

Shouting and pushing follow Wednesday's protest on House floor

30 January, 12:06
More chaos in parliament with scuffle in commission (ANSA) - Rome, January 30 - Tension continued in Italy's parliament on Thursday with a scuffle in a commission, a day after a major protest by the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) unleashed scenes of chaos on the floor of the Lower House.

On Wednesday M5S MPs occupied the benches reserved for the government in the House and brawl almost broke out as stewards tried to move them away and take away slogans written in pieces in paper and banners in breach of the rules for the chamber.

A female M5S MP complained she was slapped by a male lawmaker of the centrist Civic Choice party during the protest. The M5S MPs were furious that House Speaker Laura Boldrini interrupted a filibuster they were staging by using her so-called "guillotine" powers for the first time in history so that a decree could pass before a deadline timed it out. The decree allows the revaluation of the share capital of the Bank of Italy, a move the M5S says only benefits the nation's banks, and abolished the final 2013 installment of the IMU property tax, which has been scrapped on primary residences.

The tension spilled over again Thursday with shouting and pushing in the constitutional affairs committee after M5S lawmakers blocked the exits when the commission approved a bill for a new election law.

Earlier on Thursday the parliamentary justice committee was forced to move after M5S lawmakers occupied the area set aside for it to work on a decree on reducing overcrowding in Italian prisons.