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Knox says imprisonment 'indelible' before appeals verdict

American says wrongfully jailed

30 January, 17:47
Knox says imprisonment 'indelible' before appeals verdict (ANSA) - New York, January 30 - US student Amanda Knox reiterated her innocence and bemoaned the 'indelible' experience of imprisonment in Italy in connection with the 2007 murder in Perugia of British Erasmus student Meredith Kercher shortly before a verdict was due in her second appeals-level trial Thursday.

"Nothing will ever take away the experience of being wrongfully imprisoned," Knox told the New York Times in an interview via Skype, explaining once again why she had chosen not to attend the trial.

"It remains that I would be putting myself in the hands of people who very clearly want me in prison for something that I didn't do. And I can't do that. I just can't. No. No way, no how," she said.

Knox and her co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito, her boyfriend at the time of the 2007 murder, have both already served a total of four years in prison, including pre-trial custody, after their initial conviction in 2009. That sentence was subsequently overturned on appeal but the supreme court last year quashed the acquittals over aspects of the evidence it argued had not been properly examined and ordered a repetition of the appeals-level trial. Prosecutors in the new appeal have requested a 30-year prison term for Knox and a 26-year term for Sollecito.

In the interview Knox also rebutted descriptions of her as being "deceitful and diabolical".

"I'm not that person, I am very clearly not that person that's being described," she said.

Thursday's verdict is unlikely to be the last word on a case that has attracted media attention worldwide as both prosecution and defence can appeal the sentence before the supreme court.