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Impeachment bid 'should follow process' says Napolitano

M5S claim president breached Constitution

30 January, 13:25
Impeachment bid 'should follow process' says Napolitano (see previous).

(ANSA) - Rome, January 30 - The anti-establishment 5-Star Movement's (M5S) bid to impeach Italian President Giorgio Napolitano for allegedly overstepping his Constitutional role as impartial political arbiter should follow due process, the president said Thursday.

Asked if he was worried by the petition, Napolitano replied: "Let it run its course".

Filing the petition, comedian-turned-politician Beppe Grillo's group said Napolitano had breached the Constitution by failing to send back unconstitutional laws to parliament and abusing his power of pardon, among other things.

The movement, the third biggest player in Italian politics which is blackballing all other groups, also accused Napolitano of interfering in a Palermo trial into alleged negotiations between the State and the Mafia two decades ago.