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Renzi says no more 'small party blackmail' with new law

'No more grand coalitions either' says PD chief

29 January, 16:59
Renzi says no more 'small party blackmail' with new law (see related) (ANSA) - Rome, January 29 - Center-left leader Matteo Renzi on Wednesday said a deal he struck with the center right over a new election-law plan would force small parties to compromise in parliament. "No more grand coalitions thanks to a run-off, no more power to blackmail from small parties," said Renzi on Facebook.

The current government is a left-right grand coalition, forged reluctantly after inconclusive elections in February and two months of parliamentary gridlock. The law that created those results was ruled invalid by the Constitutional Court late last year. The same law allowed small parties to enter parliament with relatively few votes, even outside a coalition. If the new law passes, small parties will have no choice but to compromise and ally in a coalition. "With our deal on the election law, despite the professional naysayers, this step forward is enormous," added Renzi.