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Italy's minimum pensions inadequate, says Council of Europe

Committee on Social Rights says Rome not respecting charter

29 January, 12:43
Italy's minimum pensions inadequate, says Council of Europe (ANSA) - Strasbourg, January 29 - Italy's pension system does not guarantee retirees an adequate level of subsistence, a Council of Europe committee said on Wednesday. "The level of minimum pension falls below 40% of the median equivalised income (Eurostat) and is therefore inadequate," read a report by the European Committee of Social Rights on respect of the European Social Charter.

The arrangements for pensions was only one of a number of areas in which the report said Rome failed to live up to its commitments under the terms of the charter. The report said the level of social assistance was also inadequate and that "it has not been established that medical assistance is provided for everybody in need".

Italy was criticised for not having "appropriate occupational safety and health policy" nor an "adequate system to organise occupational risk prevention" as well.

The report said that Italy's "minimum level of sickness benefit is adequate".

It also said the Rome failed to guarantee equal treatment with regard to social security rights to nationals of all other European Union countries.

The committee added that it could not find sufficient evidence that Italy had "overall and coordinated approach to combating poverty and social exclusion" and complained of "discriminatory treatment of migrant Roma and Sinti with regard to citizen's participation".

The Council of Europe is a 47-member pan-European human and social rights body.