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Strong tides flood about 20% of Venice

St. Mark's Square under water as stormy weather strike

28 January, 15:01
Strong tides flood about 20% of Venice (ANSA) - Venice, January 28 - Rising tides in Venice Tuesday morning peaked at 118 cm, posing a risk of flooding over about 20% of the city's pedestrian surfaces and reaching heights of 35 cm in the city's iconic St. Mark's Square.

Authorities said that by mid-afternoon the water levels in the lagoon city would likely drop by almost half but climb again as high as 110 cm Wednesday morning.

As one of the lowest points in the northern city, where canals provide the best transportation routes, St. Mark's Square frequently floods and visitor on foot must walk across boards set up by the city.

Forecasters said that for the next few days, strong tides will continue to push up water levels and bring more flooding to Venice that could peak as high as 120 cm by Thursday.

Cold winter weather also brought snow to the Emilia Romagna region, including the red roofs of Bologna, and rain further north in Ferrara, weather forecasters said.