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Award-winning director Gianni Amelio comes out

'I'm gay, but it's the corrupt politicians who should be outed'

28 January, 17:50
Award-winning director Gianni Amelio comes out (ANSA) - Rome, January 28 - Award-winning Italian filmmaker Gianni Amelio on Tuesday told La Repubblica newspaper he is gay.

"It may be ridiculous at my age, but I believe people with a lot of visibility have a duty to be sincere," said the 68-year-old director and winner of numerous Golden Globes as well as top prizes at Cannes and Venice film festivals. "I'm gay, but I'm still waiting for tax dodgers and corrupt politicians to come out," Amelio went on. The Calabria native is perhaps best known for his films Stolen Children (1992) and Lamerica (1994). He received an Oscar nomination for Open Doors (1989).