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Vandals paint swastika at Milan's historic Jewish School

Institution founded in 19th-century, an emblem of survival

27 January, 19:06
Vandals paint swastika at Milan's historic Jewish School (ANSA) - Milan, January 27 - Vandals painted a red swastika outside the historic Jewish School of Milan on Monday before International Holocaust Memorial Day, authorities said.

The school opened in the late 19th century as a nursery for kids from poor families, running entirely on donations. An elementary school was added in 1910, a middle school in 1931, and a high school in 1938. It has survived Italy's Second World War-era racial laws banning Jews from schools, jobs and public life, as well as the decimation of the Jewish community through deportation to concentration camps.

Currently maintained by the Jewish community, it follows the Italian State curriculum with additional classes in Jewish culture, history, and religion.