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Two men stopped for anti-Semitic graffiti in Rome

Jewish sites hit in wave of Remembrance Day offences

27 January, 15:16
Two men stopped for anti-Semitic graffiti in Rome (see related) (ANSA) - Rome, January 27 - Two men, ages 33 and 47, on have been stopped for spray-painting anti-Semitic slurs in Clodio Square in Rome.

Anti-Jewish graffiti cropped up around the city over the weekend and three pig heads on Friday were sent to important Jewish institutions, including the Rome synagogue, raising tensions ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Monday.

The pair was stopped late Sunday and has been charged with instigating racial hatred.

They are accused of writing phrases like "Hangmen Pacifists", "Vile Sharon" and "Holocaust lies". Investigators say one of the two men belongs to the extreme right-wing movement Militia, and the other was placed under investigation during a probe into the neo-Nazi website Stormfront.

Investigators also said one of the two had a t-shirt with printed on it.

The Holocaust-denial website contained the phrases "The Holocaust is a fraud" and "Welcome to the circle of the murderers of Memory". A collage website photo of the Auschwitz concentration camp portrays it as a facility equipped with a football field, sauna, cinema, theatre, hospital, bordello, library and dentist's office.

"This is what we found at Auschwitz. We did not find the gas chambers. We would be eternally grateful to whoever can provide the coordinates of their location," the website said.