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Book combines Benedict writings on power, politics, law

Former pope's writings pulled together into Summa Theologica

27 January, 17:54
Book combines Benedict writings on power, politics, law (ANSA) - Vatican City, January 27 - A new book pulling together various writings of former pope Benedict XVI on power, politics and law is being published, Vatican sources said Monday.

The former Joseph Ratzinger's "summa theological" will be published by Edizioni Cantagalli and covers such topics as the management of public affairs and legislation inspired by the principles of human dignity, the common good, ethics, politics and human rights.

The collection, curated by Stefano Fontana, is divided into three thematic sections: the relationship between political power and universal laws of creation, the link between public reason and Christian faith, and the rights of individuals and peoples in the name of belonging to one human family.

Supporters have consistently praised Benedict, who resigned as pontiff one year ago, for the breadth and innovation of his theological writings and, even outside the Church, his first encyclical, God Is Love, drew widespread plaudits for its touching comments on love between a man and a woman.

His best-selling trilogy on the life of Jesus also gained acclaim.