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Arctic front brings freeze and snow to Italy

Coldiretti issues warning for farmers

27 January, 11:52
Arctic front brings freeze and snow to Italy (ANSA) - Rome, January 27 - Bitter cold from the Arctic is forecast to descend on Italy on Monday bringing snow and frigid rain across much of the country this week.

The wintry forecast prompted freeze warnings for fruit and vegetable growers from farmers' association Coldiretti. By Monday evening snow is predicted to fall in the Alps and their foothills as well as in Emilia-Romagna, the northeastern Italian region where Bologna and Modena are located. But regions to the northwest will also feel the chill, with temperatures plunging in Lombardy and Liguria. Rain is expected to pelt southern Italy, particularly Campania, Molise, and the Tyrrhenian coast in the Salerno area, south of Naples. Light showers are expected for arid Tuscany and Sardinia.

Temperatures are to rise again by the weekend with the arrival of sirocco winds from the Sahara.