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WWII bomb badly injures workers in Italy

One loses hand, another in emergency surgery

24 January, 16:23
WWII bomb badly injures workers in Italy (ANSA) - Turin, January 24 - A World War II bomb went off outside Turin Friday, badly injuring two construction workers who uncovered it. Sebastian Vieru, 27, had his right hand amputated, together with some fingers on his left hand which doctors are trying to save. He also suffered second-degree burns on his face, on his chest, and injuries to his internal organs. Ovidiu Chelaru, 48, was undergoing emergency surgery for unknown injuries.

"I ran out immediately to see what had happened when I heard the explosion," said a colleague, Valentin Chelaru. "I was in the storage area, otherwise I would also have been involved". Police explosives experts are searching the area to ensure no other unearthed explosives are located there.