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Three stopped in 2-mn-euro armoured truck ambush

Accused of robbery spree in southern Italy

24 January, 17:31
Three stopped in 2-mn-euro armoured truck ambush (ANSA) - Rome, January 24 - Three suspects were stopped Friday in relation to a series of armed robberies in southern Italy, including an ambush on an armoured truck from which over two million euros were swiped near Foggia last month. On December 6, a gang of at least 10 people armed with AK-47s blocked a freeway with flaming tractor-trailer trucks at the Cerignola toll entrance south of Foggia. The bandits fired their guns at the guards and tore open the armoured truck using a thermal lance. They torched more vehicles as they fled with the multi-million-euro booty, taking off the wrong way down the freeway. The three men held by police were Angelo and Michele Falco, ages 52 and 32, and Pierpaolo Perez, age 45. The men were from Foggia and Bari, respectively.

Investigators believe them to be responsible also for a series of armed robberies committed in similar style in the provinces of Bari, Lecce, Foggia and Matera.

Police also made 15 raids on other suspected members of the same underworld gang.