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Mafia almost killed Senate Speaker when he was prosecutor

Explosives were in place for former anti-Mafia prosecutor Grasso

23 January, 16:13
Mafia almost killed Senate Speaker when he was prosecutor (see related) (ANSA) - Palermo, January 23 - The Mafia was ready to kill Italy's current Senate Speaker and former national anti-mafia prosecutor Pietro Grasso in a bombing planned in the Sicilian town of Monreale, according to testimony by a mobster-turned-informant in a court hearing Thursday.

"We already had the explosives and the remote control to kill Piero Grasso," Gioacchino La Barbera said at a court hearing on alleged negotiations between the Italian State and the Mafia. "The bombing was supposed to take place in Monreale, where he would often go to meet with his parents-in-law".

La Barbera testified that the remote controls had already been retrieved from Catania, and that overviews had already been carried out. He added that the explosive devices had already been placed inside a manhole positioned in a road that Grasso would habitually drive through while in the area.

However, the plan was aborted due to a device malfunction.

"As such, we didn't go ahead with it", La Barbera said.

(photo: Pietro Grasso)