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Italy to up measures against mafia in govt pact

'For the sake of economic competitiveness' says premier

23 January, 18:04
Italy to up measures against mafia in govt pact (ANSA) - Rome, January 23 - Upping measures against organized crime in Italy will be a big part of a government pact in the works, Italian Premier Enrico Letta said on Thursday. "It will be a relentless commitment on the part of the government, in line with the spirit of a country determined to achieve important results," said Letta at the presentation of a government anti-mafia report. The premier said the new initiative would "especially go after criminal assets". "Making a very strong statement against crime is fundamental, not just for ethical reasons, but also to make the country more competitive," he added. Italy's mafias have an annual turnover of 10.6 billion euros or 0.7% of Italian GDP, Milan University expert Ernesto Savona told a conference in Palermo in November.

The Neapolitan Camorra accounted for 35% of this and the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta 32%, Savona said.

Drug trafficking and extortion were the main sources of mafia revenue, Savona said.

The four mafias - the other two are Cosa Nostra in Sicily and Puglia's Sacra Corona Unita - invested their money in several main sectors: the wholesale and retail trade (29.4%); construction (28.8%); hotels and restaurants (10;5%); real estate, leasing and IT (9%); and farming, hunting and fishing (6.5%).