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Italian exports outside EU gain 1.3% in 2013

Non-EU imports plummet by 9.5%, Istat says

23 January, 15:01
Italian exports outside EU gain 1.3% in 2013 (ANSA) - Rome, January 23 - Italian exports to nations outside of the European Union in 2013 registered a "slightly positive" dynamic with a 1.3% increase, while non-EU imports plummeted by 9.5%, according to data released by Italian national statistics office Istat. Compared with the 9.4% gain posted in 2012, the pace of growth of exports to nations outside of the EU slowed last year.

Exports in 2013 were lifted by all the main product groups barring energy, which slumped 13.3%, and intermediary goods, which fell 4.5%. Export flows to most markets gained last year, with the exception of sales to India, which slumped 11.1%, to Switzerland which fell 10.8% and to Turkey which dropped 4.8%. The most dynamic markets in 2013 were the Mercosur grouping made up of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela which gained 14.8%, China which advanced 9.5%, Russia which gained 8.2% and Japan with a 7% increase in purchases from Italy.