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Piedmont lodges appeal against 2010 polls annulment

Voting irregularities found in League governor's win

22 January, 18:04
Piedmont lodges appeal against 2010 polls annulment (ANSA) - Rome, January 22 - The Piedmont regional government lodged an appeal Wednesday with Italy's highest administrative court against a decision earlier this month to annul the 2010 regional elections results.

"We are asking the Council of State to announce its ruling as soon as possible against this extremely serious verdict, in order to enable us to complete the mandate bestowed on us by voters through democratic means," said Piedmont Governor Roberto Cota. Earlier in January the regional administrative court of Piedmont annulled election results over voting irregularities there in 2010 that gave a decisive victory to the center-right block of then-premier Silvio Berlusconi, forcing new elections. The TAR court ruled in favor of an appeal from outgoing center-left Piedmont governor Mercedes Bresso, who narrowly lost to the Northern League's Cota by a 0.4% margin The appeal lodged Wednesday requests that the sentence handed down by the TAR be suspended as a precautionary measure.

Cota's lawyer, Angelo Clarizia, said that the regional government had suffered "serious and irreparable damage" from the decision to annul the elections, as it had rendered the regional government unable to work and put it in a situation of overriding uncertainty.